Just a while ago, the eyeballs have gazed their view upon Lockitron’s promulgation of a new hardware product. The peculiarity that comprehends staying inculcated in this includes allowing doors to be locked & unlocked via this app which attaches itself to most deadbolt locks. The advantageous feature is that Bluetooth can aid in unlocking the door.

The originated change from the previous lock results in the device being able to be attached to a deadbolt without the need of fixing any permanent changes. Hence, it can also be used by renters. Unlocking can be presented vividly by using the Lockitron app as well by other methods like SMS message, or using Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless unlocking.

With the features & other attributes that elucidate this app’s functionality, a notable aspect that arises from the entire scenario is that how will the app know whether an individual is approaching a door from outside than inside? This though arises because the function constitutes using Bluetooth 4.0 connection to unlock the door.

There are 2 scenarios that exemplify the fallacies that surround around this particular creation. Let’s consider two situations to magnify the ill use of the same. In a normal condition, where a doorbell is rung; when we walk up to the doorstep with the phone in pocket & ask who it is, it will unlock. This is highly detrimental in its own casual state. Juxtaposing the other situation what if a door gets unlocked when an individual just walks past a door without the intention to unlock it? It may get unlocked without our realization.

There are currently pre orders taken for the same. But, the payment of $149 lock will only be taken after the device is ready & the expected date is envisaged to be in March 2013.

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