Times have changed, technology has evolved, and there have been developments for the good as well other developments causing discrepancies. One thing that remains imperative is the significant importance that is associated with time. Time is money & certainly the business organizations understand the value behind staying punctual with respect to projects or other activities. There are plenitude equipment s that need to be set-up in order to make video conferencing functional. Obviously, one cannot necessarily be present at the setup environment all the time while performing a video conferencing session. Setting up a video conferencing requires a loads of steps which need to be juxtaposed together to organize the call for a business purpose or communication for personal purposes.

The organization of structuring webcam/camera, monitor, microphone, broadband connection is a tedious task & involves a great deal of hardships to supplement the cause along. As a deduction over the technological improvements we are manifested it, a Smart Phone has surfaced as a option to mark its purpose as a pocket computer. And on that account using office for video conferencing has become optional. As a result the best possible hallmarks of a Smartphone are that by using certain applications, a video conferencing session can be established between parties which involve saving energy, time and money.

Let’s turn one’s glance the applications that are available for performing our intended functionality of video conferencing-


An exemplary application that permits the users for cross platform chat, so integrated chatting can take place between the participants. For example communication can be plain sailing even if a individual is on Android & the other being on iOS.  It uses the internet connection & can also make calls over 3G and 4G networks as well. Using the front camera (if available) with the speaker, microphone it scores over its other competitors’ with its substantial video quality and ease of use.

Staying uncomplicated, it is used for free calls between Android, Windows Phone, iOS phones and tablets, PC’s. The meritorious feature that is applicable is the switching to a video call from a phone call by simply tapping the camera icon. Other friends using the application can be easily found thus exemplifying convenience aspect also. Also containing no burdensome process, an account can be made less than five seconds & money can be saved with the free international calls to other Tango members.

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Qik Video Connect

With a counter distinct interface as compared with its iOS deployed version, the Qik may not provide the best video chat experience but comes with a uncomplicated & easy to facilitate functions. The options that are procurable are Video Chat, Record & Share, Video Mail, and Video Gallery. There are presented with four blocks on screen, which represent their respective function & description. If a description is not provided, it is confusing to discover the necessitating aspect. At one’s disposal obtainable is that these videos can be uploaded to the web & could be shred via SMS & email. The effortless peculiarity is that it can automatically sync the phone’s contact list for notifying the individuals available on live chat.

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Easy to use with a neat, elegant, precise interface, it becomes a child’s play with the facets that this application carries. The video quality is comparatively good enough over the other competitors, but its audio needs to re-enforce its productivity levels. Componentalized with immaculate features, along with integrated contact list, wide IM support, SIP, file transfer, unlimited text messaging devoid of any SMS charges. All this available for free indeed!

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Skype has created a common individuality amongst the set of users with its gimmicks & varied list of unending features. It is considered to be the best in VoIP apps that are presently available. But, considering non-availability of video conferencing in Android Skype as it is currently available only on 4G phones; it is more of a hope that all non 4G phones will be notably provide this service. With better sound quality and lag free voice calls to other Skype members the differential that marks its grade over its other competitors. Promoting improved call quality & better performance, it certainly stakes a claim for the application’s incorporation onto our device. The further attributes that constitute sending IMs to other users alongside further improvements needed for device support & smooth video calling experience.

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