Rooting and flashing of Custom ROMs is a very common procedure that is used by the Android users. While rooting will not result in any loss of data, flashing a custom ROM will erase all the data on the Android device because a factory reset has to be performed. So it is essential that a backup of all the apps and the data is made prior to installing a custom ROM. Now there are two ways of creating a backup. One is using the Titanium Backup to make a backup of all apps and data and other is a Nandroid Backup.

Nandroid Backup is an excellent feature. It creates a single image file of the system as well as all the apps and data. Titanium Backup will not backup the system so Nandroid Backup is of greater utility. Make a Nandroid Backup and if a user doesn’t like the new ROM, then Nandroid Backup will restore the previous ROM with all the data and apps with a single click.

To make a Nandroid Backup, the normal procedure is to go to the recovery mode and make a Nandroid Backup. Due to this, an individual may miss some calls as the device will be in the recovery mode. But there is a way to overcome this problem. Using the Orange Backup app the user can create a Nandroid Backup without going into the recovery mode. The added feature in this app is to upload the Nandroid Backup to the Cloud (Dropbox or Google Drive or both). All this can be done easily without any hassle. Another feature is to schedule the backups as per the user’s need. For example an individual can schedule a backup every alternate day. This will save the efforts to make Nandroid Backups manually from time to time. ROM Manager can also be used for making a Nandroid Backup but it does not provide the functionality to upload it to the Cloud.

Other features of Orange Backup are:

  • Lots of advanced option (incremental backup, partition selection)
  • Request patch file if not yet available
  • Uninstall any system application, not just freeze it
  • Kill any task (even system/hided one)
  • Elegant Interface

Note: Orange Backup can be used only on the rooted Android devices and it is compatible only for Android 2.3 and above.

Download this app from here.

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