In the world of the fast paced technology, there are consistent developments surfacing up as we strike a chord with the ticking time. There is continuous ascension of the resultant developments & these surfaces up as the next big thing that catches the glimpses of the eye. The regard for constant improvements over them drives the other manufacturing giants into command and press forward to develop more efficient, robust and reliable model than the one available in the market. As these constructive forces rise up in addendum, new revelations raise their bar after the previous discovery.


The manifestation of the aforementioned things in the field of Mobile Phones also raises attention to the ever-changing devices that come into the picture after every new discovery that is transformed up. As the Smartphone sales escalate up with the course of time, there are persistent problems or bothering hindrances that can creep in the user’s quandary. These may either inclusive related to the battery of the smartphone or with respect to the everlasting bombardment of notifications that present their arrival. These are a commonplace for the individuals that use the Smartphone in this current developing world.

The contributable factors include battery drain can correspond to data service usage on the WiFi and 3G networks & the others  can point out to the notifications which prove as a permanent source of disturbance during sleeping time or the bombardment of pings on a messenger or elsewhere.llama app

The app in the dispatchment that serves as the solution to the underlying problems exhibits an automation tool that is beneficial in several respects. Additionally, this can prove to be a mechanism to be a profile changer. The functionalities that need to be performed include a set of actions to reach the target and the mission to get the desired results. The automation tool/ Profile changer i.e. unveiled as the words describe by the app specific app Llama – Location Profiles. It is available for free in the Play Store. This is can be downloaded from here.

There is no need to change the setting on a daily purpose. Initially setting the standardized aspect of the app puts the functionality for the everyday purpose later. It returns in saving the battery life and also can produce a downfall for the notification hindrances. With a simple interface and easy to use approach the process of organizational changes is easily manifested into the daily schedule.llama app

This is done in the following way:

  • Tapping the “+” button. The airplane is enabled by simply tapping on Add Action.
  • A specific time period has to be specified by pressing Add Condition and Time Between. Airplane mode gets set during the specified time period. E.g.:- From 11.00pm to 7.00am.
  • Another event when added is responsible for disabling the current airplane mode (only for a time frame).
  • After following the same steps, plenty actions can be performed with respect to an event. One can copy, edit or disable an event, or delete it. This is done by touching and holding item from the presented list of events.Llama settings

Thus, this tool provides a substantial way to improve the complete performance. It is a detailed analysis of the adjustment of the processes working on the handset & acts as a perfect profile changer for changing the behaviour of the phone according to user’s requirements.

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