The Facebook App for Android requires Location permissions to track your location. When your Facebook App refreshes at specified intervals the current location of your device is tracked. For every status update, photo, video posted your location is embedded into the update. This can be irritating at times as you do not wish to disclose your current location. Facebook App for Android provides no options to turn OFF this feature. Many people consider this as an intrusion over privacy and wish this feature was removed!

This location tracking also leads to more consumption of precious 3G data and battery loss. And, even if you wish to maintain your privacy you cannot turn off the tracking. To overcome this violation of privacy and give you a peace of mind, XDA Senior Member elesbb has decompiled the App and disabled all provisions for location tracking in the Facebook App. The Dev has recompiled the app without location permissions. However, this has an inherent disadvantage. Disabling the Location privileges you cannot check-in any place or use the nearby functionality in Facebook. If you try to use any of these function the app will force close. The Dev is currently working on fixing this issue.

MOD Facebook without location permission

MOD Facebook without Location Tracking permission

Facebook official app permissions

Facebook Official App permissions

To install the modified App download and install the APK file. Before you install this App, make sure that you Uninstall any previously installed version of Facebook. This MOD is practical and works 100%; Gives you a better sense of security and guards your privacy against stalkers.

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