It is a known fact that YouTube is the worlds largest video hosting website. YouTube proudly hosts a variety of qualities of videos to make them available to every flavour of bandwidth. Earlier phone were incapable of playing HD videos due to lack of fast processing power and good internet speeds. However, with the advent of high performance Android Smartphones with HD screens, HD video playback is the need of the hour.
Youtube HD for Android
Even with Android Smartphones being capable of playing HD quality videos, the official YouTube app for Android still doesn’t provide options to play the video in full 720p HD quality.

However, due to the active Developers community in Android and it’s Open Source nature has made it possible to attain 720p HD quality Video Playback on YouTube app for Android. A modified version of the Official YouTube App v4.4.1 for Android has been floating around the Internet. This App gives you the ability to playback 720p HD quality Videos on YouTube.


  • 720p HD quality Video playback over 3G and WiFi.
  • Screen Off Playback.

Procedure to Install this MOD:

  1. You would require Root Access.
  2. Download the modified APK of YouTube app.
  3. On your Device Go to Settings > Apps and find the YouTube app and click on uninstall updates.
  4. Now go to a File Manager with Root access like File Explorer.
  5. In File Explorer Navigate to /system/apps and delete the Youtube.apk file.
  6. Now place the downloaded APK file into the External Storage of your Device.
  7. Using File Explorer, Navigate to the folder where you placed the APK file and Install it.
  8. Run the app and go to advanced settings ane enable HD playback as well as playback on screen off.YouTube 4.4.1 HD playback
  9. Now, Enjoy HD video Playback on your Android Device.

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