The Internet has completely revolutionized the world. An individual can get any information needed using the Internet. Friends and relatives living far away can communicate easily via the Internet. Initially it was used only in desktops and laptops. As the technology has evolved, Internet is even used in mobiles.

Using the Internet on smartphones increases it’s utility. A smartphone is not of great use without an Internet connection. Every Carrier provides an Internet connection but it comes with a data usage limit. If the data usage crosses this limit, then an individual has to pay heavy charges. So the user might be interested to know how much data is being used from time to time.


3G Watchdog is an app which enables the user to monitor the 2G/3G/4G/WiFi data usage. It is one of many data monitoring apps available on the Google Play Store. It provides very accurate statistics of the data usage. The user has to just download the app from the Google Play Store and 3G Watchdog will start monitoring the data usage from that moment.


With 3G Watchdog, an individual can set a data limit. It’s possible to set a monthly cycle. For example, if the bill cycle starts from 3rd of every month, then the user can set this date and the data usage statistics will be reset at start of the next bill cycle. Another interesting feature is the prediction of the data usage i.e based on the current usage, 3G Watchdog will show how much data will be used by the end of the month. If the data usage is nearing it’s limit, 3G Watchdog will give a notification. 3G Watchdog also offers great widget options- small and large. Keep a widget on the home screen and never open the app again. Instead of creating a widget, the user can also keep it on the status bar.

Watchdog Pro

Pro version of this app is also available. It offers additional features like usage history with graph & CSV export, usage by application (Android 2.2+), alerts, optional auto-disable of mobile network, 5 widget styles, backup/restore with optional auto-backup, redesigned UI.

3G Watchdog doesn’t show accurate data usage in some devices which include  Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9, Samsung Galaxy R / Z (i9103), Galaxy Y,  HTC Velocity 4G and HTC Vivid on ICS. So it is recommended not to use this app in the above listed devices.

Note: Do not move this app to SD card.

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    There are other kool apps for parents that helps them stay aware of their kid ware about.. I think it it Mobile Spy. Monitor text and chat and web pages.

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