For the users who use a prepaid connection, an individual is expected to remember a certain code to check the balance on his/her handset. It is called as the USSD Code which has to be dialled on the respective handset. This task has to be performed every time the user needs to find out the balance. Along these lines, separate operations have different USSD codes. There will be a separate code for free data and message cap, another one for balance enquiry and also otherwise for the rest. Hence, it a gruesome task to remember all these different codes at a single point of time. Saving them in contacts can be a feasible option; however it is a tedious function to go through the contacts every now and then just to find a particular number. The excellent approach involves that this facility is provided by a single onscreen widget that serves the entire functionality in a simple application. This manifestation is presented in the form of an app called Prepaid Widget Lite.Prepaid Widget Lite

Steps for using Prepaid Widget Lite:

  1. At the beginning, you need to install Prepaid Widget Lite on your handset. Now launch the application. After the application is launched for the first time, you will need to reboot the phone. Once you have rebooted your phone, at this moment launch it again. This application is functional in both root and non-root mode & if the user provides the root access, updation of the USSD requests happens.
  2. Promptly, tap on “New USSD Code” button for adding a new operator code. The user must provide the USSD code here and tap on Add. Based on the app’s request for the USSD code from the specific network, the respective result is provided in view for the particular individual.
  3. In some cases it may so happen that numerical values (more than one) get entered. Hence, the user must provide identifier and then selected the particular numerical value in USSD response. Therefore, this process is used for monitoring ahead.
  4. Subsequently after USSD code gets added. Later open the home screen and add the particular Prepaid Widget on the home screen. The user will need to fill up the details as per the considerations of the specific individual. Here the indicators are selected that would need to be monitored. Thereafter, add the widget.
  5. Succeeding these steps, the USSD is displayed on the screen & the individual will not have to remember the code anymore. Hereafter, plenty number of USSDs can be added. If there are two values returned for a particular code, specific indicators can be used for a specific USSD code.

This application is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

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