It has been a long waiting period for a Motorola Smartphone to be unveiled after its acquisition by Google, but at this moment we have been presented to an eye grabbing revelation that proves to be a new teaser ad. Previously it was assumed that there existed an unreleased and unannounced Moto X handset. This was suppositioned to be known as the Google X Phone till the time no official information was given out to the users. According to reports in May, the CEO had also confirmed regarding the existence of such a device, even assuring the consumers that such a revelation will surface up in the United States. Along these lines, there have been no serious lowdowns on this matter apart from few set of leaked images and other handful

Tomorrow this story maybe unfolded through a printed ad that can provide the necessary information on this subject. This includes a full-color ad which displays the company’s new multi-colored logo. Apart from this, there is important information that is also revealed along with this ad. This information is regarding the new handset.Moto-X-teaser-ad

When we say more information on the subject, this means that the particular ad teases the consumers about the unannounced Smartphone. This is viewable from the suggestion that it will be the first that buyers can design themselves. If you consider the hardware point, then this tiding is accurate. However no information is revealed further on this matter and this just acts as a teaser to keep the potential buyers guessing at this point.

Other than the usual characteristics, the ad focusses on the tagline of “Designed by you”. This facilitation highlights that the handset is being assembled at home and this ad also possesses some resemblance to Apple’s new ads with the fact highlighting that all of its products are designed in California.

Currently there is nothing revealed about the handset. There is no idea on the screen size or carriers or even about the chips at the heart of the Moto X. Until we receive some concrete information on this matter, we can only wait and watch as the mystery unravels itself.

For the moment, tell us on your thoughts on this whole development? What do you expect from the Moto X?

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