Motorola has been making phones since quite a long time. After Google acquired Motorola in 2012, they launched great devices like Moto E, Moto G, Moto X and their subsequent successors. In 2014, Motorola was bought by Lenovo. And Lenovo now plans to slowly phase out Motorola this year.

Initially, Lenovo decided not to tamper with the Motorola brand and continue reaping the rewards of the Moto series. However it has not quite worked out to plan and Lenovo have reversed the decision.

Lenovo is an absolute giant when it comes to laptops but they have not achieved the same success in the smartphone segment. The “Vibe” series did not generate the expected response.

An official statement from Motorola read, “Motorola Mobility continues to exist as a Lenovo company and is the engineering and design engine for all of our mobile products. However, for our product branding we will utilize a dual brand strategy across smartphone and wearables going forward using Moto and Vibe globally.”

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