During the time that BlackBerry gains popularity & sets its stance as a significant competitor in the market, the faithful BlackBerry users will continue to rise with every new revelation. It is a frequent sight to see BlackBerry being used by variety of individuals. We occasionally have a glimpse of BlackBerry handset vividly taken noticed in various places. This can range right from the individuals in the bus, train, the street to the working professionals in cafe, offices etc.

As well all know, there are plenty of features that are resident with the BlackBerry device. A plethora of applications are also existent. At a particular instance of time, it may so happen that the user will want to multi-task during a specific activity. An example of the same can be that a person will want to listen to music at the time of opening a certain email.multiple apps on BlackBerry at once

Other instance maybe that when the user is playing some game & at that point of time, an email is received and the user wants to check the respective email. This aspect can be facilitated in a effortless manner. At present the users will be left in conundrum as to how to progress & use multiple apps at once on the device, but the complete exhibition is as simple as a child’s play. Thus the general question that arises is that how can the user switch applications so easily without even closing the specific current app used at that point of time?

Multitasking on the device is facilitated in the following manner. There are two ways in which the user can undertake this facility:

  • In the fashion that we switch apps on a PC by pressing ALT + TAB at the same time, the switching of apps on BlackBerry is done in similar manner. You need to press ALT + ESC while switching apps on a BlackBerry device.
  • Secondly, another way to perform this task is that during the time that the user uses the particular application; the multitasking can be performed by pressing “Menu”. Subsequently, choosing “Switch application” will finish the resultant operation. This is done by using the trackpad & moving to the respective app.

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