One thing Android lacked was an app for making notes on the go. There have been many apps that provide you with widgets to note down things on the go, but they lack the facility to synchronize these notes with your other devices. Of course, Evernote already provides that functionality but the sync time required is not exactly fast. Google, better late than never, has come up with an app of their own which will cater to all the note keeping needs of people. This new app is called as the Google Keep.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an app that will allow you to jolt down thoughts with ease. Make shopping lists, add voice memos or click a picture and add description for your reference. Do as you wish, google Keep will ease your note keeping.  With a very simple interface it avoids any over complications. Another feature of this app is that you can color code your notes and hence it is easier to track them. Foe example you can color code important notes with red, shopping lists in white and casual notes with blue. Go wild with your imagination. What’s more? It is been integrated with Google Now. So you can simply say “Make a Note” or “Note to self” followed by your note and It will make a note in Google Keep. Google Keep - Widget

Google Keep is also compatible with Google Drie and hence you can access your notes from anywhere. The widget of this app will allow you to capture your thoughts on your home screen itself! Anyone who has used Evernote or any other app must have experienced that after a couple of months the sheer number of notes in your account are enormous. To simplify things you can archive notes just by swiping them.

The app is available on Google Play Store for free. You can download it from here.

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