Advertising promises to be an integral element in way several individuals perceive things and announcements. As we enter the foray of advancing technology, the plethora of smartphones and gadgets that are released in this time frame just accrue as we move forward in time. Presently we are viewable to some eye-catching advertisements from Google which service out the users in captive attention. Google has always added that special factor or the integrant during the time that the Nexus is ostentatiously displayed out.

Previously we have seen the Camping TV ad for the Nexus 7 original and ads like the Fear Less spot for the second generation of Nexus have contributed largely in improving the outlook of the revelation. The concept of a Nexus gadget has been perceived in a different way pertaining to thought from a niche device to a affordable consumer product.

At present, we are viewable to two new Nexus 7 TV ads which have appeared online. These releases highlight the directness and the clearness with respect to how convenient it is to browse media and apps on a tablet, regardless of the app or a game.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday arriving in a few weeks’ time, it will be interesting to note what marketing gimmicks are employed by the manufacturers to draw attention of consumers.

Are you looking forward to some eye-grabbers ahead?

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