Will we be amazed on Tim’s double security talks or these rumors are ridiculous but true?

Only time will tell, as the iPhone 5 release date “September 12th” comes closer by. But, the way the rumors are consistently hotwired, if it ends up being the next generation iPhone, it can act as a disappointment to the fact that much of the research and development was narrated prequel the launch. Debarring the consistency aspect, undoubtedly the fanfare will still purchase it.

On a hilarious note, does that mean we have a complete next-gen iPhone if we put all the leaked parts together?

iPhone 5 leaked front panel

Sizeable credit should go to UBreakiFix for the handouts of the photos by dispatching them online from one of their distributors. The continuous detriments have almost revealed the iPhone but not a close meticulous look at the iPhone’s screen. Certainly, these leaks spoiling the talks have damaged the tag of the elite phone category! As a matter of fact, the the tall-screen design is honestly ugly and weird. These improvements that have been lend out blow by blow depict that keeping the pixel density preserved, the screen size has been increased to  4″ in diagonal (up from 3.5″) The blessing in disguise is nothing extravagant or special but just that the larger screen would provide Apps with more screen space to fill.

Joining the dots from the various articles that talk about the iPhone 5, my opinion is the following:

iPhone 5 is just an updated improved iPhone 4S with as expected more RAM, better processor(students enjoying gaming on smartphones) and larger screen and with better connectivity(possibly NFC) to mention as last but not the least!

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