The rumours are spreading like wildfire! After becoming the number One Smartphone OS in the world, the Naming Conventions of the Android OS has gathered much interest. The next iteration of the Open source Android OS is rumoured to be named as “Key Lime Pie”. In continuation to the alphabetical series after Jellybean(starting for the alphabet J), K is the letter next in line. And just like other names of Android versions it is again a popular desert..

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

The sources to this rumour are yet unclear but it fits the nomenclature profile for Android. The news may probably be just a wild rumour but one has to wait and watch for an official announcement by Google, which seems won’t be coming any time soon. It is estimated that Google won’t launch another update to the Android line-up till 2013, so all the Android fanboys that got themselves excited over this News. Only time will prove the validity of this rumour; Android lovers need to wait for some more time! However you may get used to the acronym “KLP” as it will flood the Internet very soon..

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