Android 5.1 is the next iteration of Android and it is believed to fix a lot on issues on the devices. Nexus 4, 5 and 6 have been spotted running on Android 5.1 which means that the update will be released very soon.

All the three devices have been spotted running on different build numbers with even the version numbers different. Nexus 6 was spotted with version LMY40, Nexus 5 with version LMY47E and the Nexus 4 on LMY36B.

According to the naming practice of Google, the version numbers are denoted. For example, consider the number LMY36B. Here ‘L’ is for Lollipop. The second letter ‘M’ is a branch code, which allows Google to identify the exact code branch the build was made from.

The next letter and the two digits ‘Y36’ are the date code, in which Y stands for Q1 2015 and 36 is the days within that quarter, which is 5 February. Finally, the last letter ‘B’ from build LMY36B is the individual version related to the same date code, so B is the second version of the day.

Android 5.1 will improve stability and the RAM management of the devices along with bringing back the silent mode. Google is yet to reveal the rollout date for the Android 5.1.

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