Android 5.1 was rolled out a few weeks back and it was only available for some devices. Slowly, Google has started pushing out Android 5.1 for all the Nexus devices and the latest one to get it is the LG manufactured Nexus 4.

Google skipped the Android 5.0.2 update for the Nexus 4. It seemed like Android 5.0.1 would be the last official update for the Nexus 4 but Google has surprised many by rolling out the official update for a device which is almost two and a half years old.

Android 5.1 is mostly a big fix update with very few new features – Device Protection feature that will protect your data if your phone is ever stolen and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections from the quick settings panel, which should be a welcome change for most users.

The OTA is being rolled out in batches so not all the devices will get it at once. It is 174MB in size and will bring your device from build number LRX22C to LMY47O.

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