With reports spilling in some notably important information, it is easily palpable that the next Nexus smartphone will be manufactured by LG.

According to reports from a Korean tech site Daum, it is reported that the device will arrive in October. Considering that the source is accurate, it is regarded that the Nexus 4 is currently being developed focusing largely on the hardware platform of the LG G2.Android Key Lime Pie

The Nexus 5 will run on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and will be boosted by high end specifications. The new version of Android will be put on display as we look forward to the launch in early October. Additionally with subsequent lowdowns presented out by Daum, it is construed that the name of the Smartphone will be Nexus 5, a device co-developed by Google and LG.Google Nexus 5

The launch of this device will present an outstanding arrival that can challenge the conjoint effort from Motorola and Google. At present, we cannot blindly trust this report and we will have to wait patiently till more announcements on this topic come in. But in the days gone by, there have been several tidings which have given a hint about the existence of the Nexus 4′s eventual successor; and if such reports keep surfacing up with consistent regularity, then Nexus 5 will be eventually launched in October and it will also be the first Smartphone running Android 5.0.

According to the report, it is understood that the LG G2 and the Nexus 5 are being cojointly developed in parallel, and certain itemizations report that the two devices will share specifications. This can be tracked back even further, that last year the Nexus 4 and the Optimus G had shared the same specifications; and such a plot can be a devised strategy by both the companies.

Currently no information has been revealed with respect to the specs, however we surely expect high end specs to come up with this device. A high-end Snapdragon processor along with few gigs of RAM and efficient rear camera can be the guessable specs.

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