Google is rolling out another minor update to the Nexus 7 (2012). As of now, the factory image of Android 5.0.2 has been only released for this device. The build for Android 5.0.2 is LRX22G. In addition to publishing the Android 5.0.2 factory image for the device, Google has also opted to pull the Android 5.0.1 image for the Nexus 7.

While the Android 5.0.1 update was a minor one, this certainly is bigger than the previous update. Google managed to address some issues with MountService which should now start before performBootDexOpt. This fixes a previously reported bug in the issue tracker. Some other changes related to NAND have also been pushed. Fstrim, introduced in Android 4.3, caused some serious issues on Lollipop.

Google has not started with the OTA updates for the Android 5.0.2. Since the factory image has been released, the OTA update must also be right around the corner.

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