Nokia Lumia Amber update started rolling out to various Lumia devices in different countries and since then people have started going crazy as to why they haven’t received the update yet.
Nokia Lumia Amber Update
The Amber update adds some interesting features and Apps to the WP8 Lumia range of Smartphones including enhanced camera functionality by using the Smart Camera App. The Nokia Glance screen feature and the FM Radio App is also available for a select Lumia devices through this update. The Flip to Silence feature which was missing in the WP8 arsenal has also been packed into the the Amber update for all Lumia devices.

Some of the features that are skipped from select Lumias are:

  • Glance Screen feature won’t come to the Lumia 520 and 521
  • The FM Radio App wont be available for┬áLumia 620, 810 and the Lumia 928

Scheduled roll-out of the Amber update is various countries, on various network providers and on each Lumia device is mentioned clearly by Nokia on their software update page. The page clearly mentions:

  • The Country Name in which the update is rolling
  • The Nokia Lumia Smartphone name
  • The Variant of the Lumia Smartphone
  • The Latest Version of the WP8 software
  • The Lumia Amber Update availability status

How to Check Availability of Amber update for your Lumia device and Country

  • You can visit this WP8 software update page.
  • Select the continent in which your country is present from the list in the left sidebar
  • Scroll to the Country in which you are present / phone was purchased.
  • Check the Availability status

If you see that the status is mentioned as “Waiting for approval” or “Coming soon”, then understand the status message clearly. The Waiting for approval status means that it is undergoing final testing with country or operator to achieve approval. The Coming soon status means that the Update is Approved and is in final pre-release checks before it starts rolling-out.

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