During the time that devices are introduced with constant regularity, presently we can turn our attention to a leaked itemization that highlights the possibility of Nokia launching an Android-based handset. With reports released from EvLeaks, it is viewable that a handset dubbed as “Normandy” is speculatively in the works. According to lowdowns from The Verge, it is believed that this device run a forked version of Android. This will be similar to the software that is presently existent on Amazon’s Kindle Fire line.Nokia's alleged handset

Several tidings indicate that the software i.e., employed on Nokia’s handset will feature the functioning of top Android applications; it however it wont be like the typical Android. At present there is no information on when will the device be officially unveiled, but based on old reports it is reported that this device was suppositioned to be released in 2013 and it is construed that this project wont be made official itself. Based on tidings presented from The Verge, it is noted that the project is in the works and is “full steam ahead” and the device is expected to be unveiled in 2014.

Previously before Nokia was finally taken over back in September, The New York Times had reported citing that Nokia engineers developed Lumia devices that were functional on Android operating system. It is known that Microsoft had an idea these Android phones, however these models or projects weren’t discussed during the time that negotiations took place.

It will be a thought-provoking aspect if an Android handset was introduced by Microsoft,  but it is believed that this leaked piece of information can arise certain eye grabbing  developments in the times to come. The leaked photo doesnt reveal anything about the picing or the specifications of the device, but it is viewed that the handset will cater to the low-end market and if released, can be considered as a rival competitor to Nokia’s line of Asha devices.

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