As we proceed forward to an age wherein the tussle between platforms for mobile devices accrues up to a competing stage, we are presented with several other platforms that remain existent in this competitive market. Although iOS and Android platforms remain dominant forces in this fiercely competing domain, Windows Phone has managed to emerge through as the balancing factor as the competition for platforms for mobile devices grows through.

After reaching a stumbling block with respect to progress against other rival competitors, Nokia has managed to advance its way through to reach up at the fourth place in the US Smartphone

Based on the figures and according to reports, it has been revealed that Nokia has rose from 1.4% in Q2 to 4.1% over the course of Q3. This is a significant rise from the previously calculated figures which puts Nokia ahead of the rival competitors like Motorola, HTC, BlackBerry, ZTE, Huawei. However, Apple, Samsung, and LG remain the top three with respect to the share that constitutes the US smartphone market.

Even though LG sales have been plummeting hugely over the course of time, it is a point to be noted that Nokia’s sales have also been accruing up during this point of time. Based on sensible understanding, it should be construed that one cannot make concrete decisions about this trend. As trends tend to fluctuate depending on markets as well as the craze that a new innovation will unravel over the course of time. Such development can be considered promising for Nokia and Microsoft and it will drive these manufacturing giants to innovate more and more as we move forward in time.

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  1. Nisa Khan
    Posted November 2, 2013 at 1:57 am | Permalink

    LG in 3rd number…..gr8…….hope microsoft will boom nokia….anyway we are user…..who ever will will give best service and user satisfaction will come to no 1.

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