Just last month, we have seen Nokia releasing the Windows tablet Lumia 2520 and at present there are rumors that Nokia is going to follow up this device by unveiling yet another Windows RT tablet dubbed as “Illusionist,”. This information has been posted by the trusted Twitter handle @evleaks which highlights the arrival of an 8-inch device. However currently there is no information on the technical specifications or images related to this device.Nokia Illusionist

Although the company has just released the 2520 last month, it will be no surprise if Nokia dishes out another tablet in the same category. It is expected that the rumoured device will feature an 8-inch display and will act as a rival competitor to the iPad mini as well as other Android tablets which are existent in the market.

It is regarded that it will be a scaled down model of the Nokia 2520, that features in 10.1-inch screen and which packs a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor. Stay tuned for more details and released information about this product.

It is a thought provoking aspect as to whether Nokia’s foray into the tablet market will be ceased after Microsoft takes over Nokia’s mobile business domain over the next few months. Considering that Microsoft doesn’t offer an 8-inch or 7-inch device, it is interesting to note that Nokia is preparing to release this device.

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