The camera performance of the iPhone 5 is generally considered exceptional as compared to the iPhone 4S/4 in low-light conditions. However, with the advent in technology we have seen several camera phones or phone cameras arrive providing exceptional camera specifications with different functionalities. Along these lines, the high-end Lumia smartphones have traditionally been regarded as the best mobile imaging devices that provide an amazing camera to play around with and considering the superiority level and the dominance with respect to their functionality, Nokia has gone a step further and released out a series of ads which criticize Apple relatively poor low-light performance in comparison to Nokia’s PureView range.

Previously, we have seen an ad displaying a “Zombie” ad that paved way for the competitive awareness between these manufacturing giants and just recently we have been treated to newer disclosures in he form of commercials which ostentatiously highlight Nokia’s understanding on Apple’s “Photos Every Day” ad and other two commercials depict the Nokia Lumia handsets as the king of low-light mobile imaging. In these ads, certain group of individuals are seen partying around and taking random snaps at night.

In the next frame, we see individuals having a hard time recollecting the last night. Suddenly one of them pulls out a device that looks perfectly similar to Apple’s iPhone. And in this situation, they can’t remember the happenings till they check out the party images on Nokia’s Lumia handsets.

Another Ad which had appeared online a week ago, wherein the handset looks similar to iPhone 3GS.

In these Ads, Nokia advertises Lumia 925′s Carl Zeiss Optics, the Optical Image Stabilization feature and displays the overall camera performance which allows the users to capture each night like no other smartphone.

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