Nowadays with the evolving technology, the variety and specifications with respect to a headset, earphones keep ascending with the times. The manufacturers or the organizations that invent these specific products aim at bettering their revelation as compared to the others in the market. As the trends in musical genres build on, the current youth or other music addicted individuals get more interested in the selection of specific headphones. It is most commonly seen that a noise cancellation ear piece is the best suited while were listening to music on high volume. This serves as a medium in switching off from the real world and focusing only on our playlist. However, this functionality can prove hap hazardous or dangerous during certain situations.

Let us look into why external sound is an important aspect while we listen to different songs on our device. For an example, there may be some emergency situations which require rapturous attention at that specific moment & these incidents, guidance from others at important junctures won’t be heard during critical situations. Also many times, you would have faced that particular incident when the other person pulls off and removes off the individual’s earphones getting pissed off or irritated at the non-responsive behavior from the person. The other voice is not heard as noise cancellation serve the purpose.

Considering the tools and the other developments that is plausibly visible in everyday life, some solution to our problem had to surface up. Therefore, let’s have a glimpse of an application that serves the purpose in our current scenario. An application called as Around Sound is an app that provides us the other external sound i.e. around to our earphones while he/she listens to music.The free version of the application can be downloaded from here.

Using Android Sound for Android

The functionality provided by the application involves that one can be aware of the important sounds beside the individual even while watching videos on full volume, listening music. This exhibition of the action is performed with the help of a headphone’s microphone or the in-built mic (if the headphone doesn’t have microphone). The operation doesn’t perform best if the handset is kept in the pocket.

Launching the App

After an individual launches the application, the initial screen is presented above. The next objective involves the sound trigger level, which picks all the sound around a person. The level lies in the range of 90 to 100, thus keeping aside the discrepancies or the unwanted noises which may result to interfere with music. This purpose is fulfilled by sending the sound that exceeded the sound through the earphones.

There is an added option to Pause & Resume when sound is delivered by the application, but listening to the same alongside the music as well is also a well performed activity.Trigger Level shown

It is an advantageous application, but the only defect lies that the sound is delivered by 500ms. Another disadvantage lies that during very loud commonplace, almost entire thing is heard as the max audio level gets maxed out in that specific situation.

Settings panel

As, this is the free version it is associated with limited functions only. The pro version supports street mode and is considered to be best suited during listening music at public places.

This particular application works along with all music, video players for Android and this specific aspect can be selected from the app settings. Also provided is the added service with Bluetooth headset.

Upgrades panel shown

Thus, to sum up all in all this application is an effective approach to captivate our attention to the scenarios surrounding us. It contributes largely providing an extraordinary function that aids in carelessly turning our attention to music.

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