When you have a smartphone you often have a dozen apps that give you notifications that you never want to miss like Whatsapp, Gmail, Calendar, etc. But one thing Android lacks is notifications in lock screen. Ever seen a iOS device lighting up the screen to display a notification and wished Android had the same feature? Well the wait is over to solve your predicament. The app is called as “Notify Me!” and is not yet available in Android market as it still is in Alpha stage of it’s development cycle.

notify me

This app uses accessibility feature of Android to display notifications on Lockscreen. When you respond to the alert the device is also unlocked and you are redirected to the app creating the notification. Suppose you are waiting for an important email. Instead of unlocking the screen time and again you can simply add the email client to the list of apps you wish to receive notifications from in notify me and get a notification about the email flashed on your screen.This app is especially beneficial to those whose device lacks a LED notification light. The app works best with Jellybean(4.1+) because of it’s native enhanced notifications. However it works efficiently also for all versions of android above 2.1.1. The app is extremely easy to use and free of cost!

Here is a small tutorial to add apps to the list of apps from which you wish to receive notifications:

  1. Download the app from here or scan this QR code:Notify Me
  2. Install the app on your device.
  3. Launch the app, upon fist launch you will be prompted to activate “notify me” in accessibility and a button will be provided below to redirect you to the accessibility setting.
  4. Activate Notify me in the accessibility menu and go back to the app.
  5. Sometimes the app may again prompt you to¬†activate “notify me” in accessibility. At such times disable and the re-enable the app in Accessibility setting menu.
  6. Now return to app.
  7. There you’ll find a plus sign to add apps to the list.
  8. When you press the “+” sign a list of apps installed on your device.
  9. Select the app you wish to receive notifications from. For example Whatsapp.Notify me - app list
  10. Then tick the first two option.
  11. If you wish to receive notifications from only particular contacts then add the contact’s name to the filter list and press on the save button. (this option has some bugs)
  12. Repeat the procedure to add more apps to the list.
  13. You have successfully configured the app to receive notifications.

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