As apps develop in the course of time, the variety and the heterogeneity provided with respect to the categories continues to amaze us with every new disclosure. Every app has an intended functionality which is either directed towards completion of some task or others are just for amusement and fun purposes. Along these lines, there are also certain weird apps which are available in the Play Store. Some of them are listed below.

Note: The apps mentioned below don’t have any significant use as such, however are amusing ones for the crazy laughable instances.

Conversation Starters

This app is truly the best for the individuals who find it difficult to cultivate a conversation with the other person or generate talking during the time that you meet someone of the opposite sex. This is a nice initiative for the particular person to know exactly what to say to begin the conversation. However, this is not a beneficial aspect for those people whose shyness levels escalate peaking high every time.  This app helps in calming down the individual with its unique set of random questions like “what is your favorite midnight snack”. Thus pressure situations like these can be tackled with ease down the line. The random questions are basically a procedure to move forward into a conversation.

This app is available for free & can be downloaded from here.Conversation Starters

Nose Candy

If you watch TV shows and Charlie Sheen is one of your favorite personalities, then this app will be a hilariously crazy find for you. It is an awesome app to lay pranks on anyone and scare the hell out of the other person. The basic idea of the app is focused centrally on cocaine and provides the user to pretend to snort this particular thing inculcated with respect to the app. Additionally, the facility is provided devoid of any health worries, lack of sleep and the excessive danger of long-term imprisonment. The prank styled app is dished out with innumerable sound effects, fun stuff but it has to be noted that everyone around you like the idea of trying such a thing. The user gets the gangster kind of feel by employing the app and utilizing the various laughable & insane characteristics of the app.

This app is a paid app & can be downloaded from here.

Nose Candy

Pimple Popper

The name suggests its function. As exactly as the name mentions its intended function, the respective functionality is exhibited by the application. A maddening app to go bonkers and is an app for fooling around for killing time. An app like this can be used to play pranks on people mocking on the acne levels on his/her face etc. This app acts as if it helps in clearing up the acne by popping the pimple.

This app is available for free & can be downloaded from here.

Pimple Popper

I eat Cockroaches

Some or the other time, every individual must have come across the beer drinking app in the previous years. The simulated approach performed on the glass which helps in the beer slowly disappearing as one tilts the phone. This app is enacted or dished out in the same way, but the only difference is that a cockroach cocktail is presented out for the users. The individual needs to add ice and lemon and upon the instant addition, subsequently a cockroach cocktail is prepared for the users. The action of gulping down the cockroach see-breezes is a swift attempt to finish off the task. Also, one too many could give you acid reflux.

This app is available for free & can be downloaded from here.

Do Nothing

The application does what its name suggests. The app does nothing absolutely after installation. Truly, a sign for complete joblessness.

This app is available for free & can be downloaded from here.

Do nothing

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