Olloclip has introduced a new accessory for the iPhone 5c owners. The recent itemization serves as a timely arrival for the holiday period. The makers of popular clip-on iPhone lens kits have revealed a newfangled 3-in-1 photo lens, which has been designed specifically for the iPhone 5c.5c-olloclip-

The new kit arrives in a packaged set of other attachments including a macro lens, a fisheye lens and a wide-angle lens. It is available in five colors and these happen to be the same 5 colors of the iPhone 5c. Built and constructed with high quality materials, the olloclip features in precision-ground glass for its lenses. The barrels of these accessories are made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The available iPhone attachments are devised out using a soft plastic material which ensure on providing a secure fit onto the device every time. These lenses are available in macro, fisheye and wide-angle exhibits respectively.

Presently a lot of companies have released such clip-on lens kits for iPhones, however this current arrival is attributed to be most recognizable one. This accessory, the olloclip new iPhone 5c 3-in-1 lens kit can be purchased at a price of $59.99 from the olloclip store. The user can choose from colors like blue, green, pink, white, and yellow. But shipping for these lens kits won’t begin until January.

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