OnePlus One was one of the best devices last year. It had some minor chinks and OnePlus CEO is looking to eliminate them this year. One put-off was the plastic body of OnePlus One. That is set to be replaced by a metal body in OnePlus 2.

OnePlus 2 was expected to be unveiled in June but it has been delayed. But this delay is bringing some good news to the users. The metal body of OnePlus 2 will surely win more admirers. The render image shows off the design of OnePlus 2 and it is quite similar to HTC One series.


We have already revealed the specs of OnePlus 2 –¬†Snapdragon 810 processor, USB Type-C and Fingerprint scanner which will be faster than iPhone.

The specs look all good on the paper. One aspect of OnePlus One which made it so successful was the low price. However, OnePlus 2 will be more expensive than its predecessor so lets see how it performs in the markets.

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