The YouTube Sensation that has taken the world by a storm, is geared up to bank upon it’s success and take on Google Play store! Yes you heard it right, Gangnam style’s official app has hit the market! The app is developed by Bandsintown. Gangnam style has broken all records on YouTube, ranked as the most viewed video on YouTube, it’s peculiar styled horse dance has gained a lot of popularity in pop culture.

Gangnam style

This app is basically a package of a Live wallpaper and ringtone pack of Gangnam style. The LWP in this app  is the epic “lift scene”. The doors of the lift open and shut, displaying upcoming PSY concerts and shows. Along with this you also get Gangnam style ringtones. The fun doesn’t stop here. When your phone rings the device screen displays disco lights along with PSY performing his trademark dance moves.

tour dates LWP

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Reasonably priced at 2$ the app is expected to bank upon the music video’s success and stir up the Google play store. Being the only “official” app across all app stores, this app is sure to turn a few heads. Only time will tell how PSY fans react to this news and rush to buy the app! So rush to Google play and download the app or scan this QR code:


You can see a preview of the app here:

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