OPPO today announced that it is planning to unveil another handset called as the Find 7. This revelation will be the next in line after the initial success that was achieved by OPPO. Being a newcomer to the already competitive Android Smartphone market, this disclosure promises to succeed in producing a quality handset. With a sleek design, exceptional battery life, unobjectionable software. Therefore the find 7 will be a successor the Find 5.oppo-find-5

Today it was confirmed that such an unveilment will marks its arrival sooner than later. It is presumed that the device development of the Find 7 is currently present in the early stages and hence no information was revealed when this Smartphone will be released. Another notable development that has surfaced up is that a Google Edition of this phone will also be available once the disclosure marks its presence into the realms of possibilities. However, there is no confirmation on these lowdowns. This emergence has surfaced up due to the fact that OPPO enquired other Google+ users if a Google Edition of the Find 5 sounded appealing by any chance. This manifestation has led to the conclusion of a stock Android re-release of the phone.

According to various reports, the technical specifications report that the handset will feature a Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a humungous battery of 4000. If these tidings are considered to be true, the Find 7 will be a great competitors to the other rivals in the Smartphone segment.

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