Another dispatchment that was unveiled to glimpse the eyes propels our attention towards Libon, an application launched by Orange. It is an iOS communication app.

This specific application is available on the iTunes App Store henceforth and the good news is that it is also coming to Android the forthcoming year.

The peculiarity of this application is exhibited by the function that it is an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch application, which can be compared to Skype(to some extent) or Viber. Its functionality is that it allows the user to make high definition calls. Now, this can be completed over an internet connection and with no charges. Hence, it offers HD VoIP calls, messages and visual voicemail (video).


The advantageous features include the following:

  • This particular app works over both Wi-Fi and 3G (or even 4G)
  • High quality calls. The special benefit for Libon users is that they can have free high quality calls between the other Libon users. This is regardless of the situation- be it in same country or other side of the world. Orange claims they are high definition and crystal clear.
  • Offers free text messages between Libon-linked devices. This is accomplished by its instant messaging service. Its applicability is as easy to use as SMS.
  • Proper oriented fashioned application. It can show conversations, , text messages and voicemails based on the respective specific contact.
  • Additionally the gainful feature includes regarding the advanced features provided with respect to Libon’s voicemail. An individual is able to create different personalized messages for individuals or groups.
  • It is also conducive for converting the voicemail messages into text. This emphasizes on adaptability as an individual can read them during air travels.
  • Another gimmick highlights that an individual can type their own voicemail greeting. Not only this, he/she can also select the choice of the voice from the library present.

Libon’s free version comes with a package of includes free HD calls and text messaging between Libon users. Additionally, there is a visual voicemail available with greetings for customization. The other features in particularity that are available include, text-to-speech functionality, voicemails transcription for Libon contact messages. There is also iPhone and email notification of missed voicemails provided along with the same.

Other than the free version, a premium serviceable application is also available with several other salient features that are productive with respect to our interests.


There are certain promotions offered by Orange if an individual is interested with respect to this application. Visit to find out more.

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