What is “Rooting” of Android Devices? Why do people ROOT their devices?

Every user who buys an Android smartphone, at some point of time comes across the term “Rooting the phone”. It often can be confusing as to what exactly does “Rooting” mean. Rooting your device simply means that gaining SuperUser rights to your phone! Since, Android is based on a Linux base, the word root is derived from the Linux term “root user”. A Root user in Linux is equivalent to an Administrator on the Windows platform.

What happens when you ROOT your device?
It simply helps you gain administrative rights to your phone/device by which you can make some critical changes in your device.

SuperUser App

Rooting has a downside however; While Rooting your device, there is a very small chance that your device can get bricked. If the rooting process encounters an error it can damage the files in your ROM and hence your phone becomes unresponsive and doesn’t boot. In short it is a very expensive “brick”, thus comes the term Brick! However there is only a 1-in-1000 chance of your phone getting bricked and it can be avoided by following the Rooting instructions point to point.

“If rooting is so dangerous, why do people ROOT their phones?”, is what you must be thinking. The answer to it somewhat on the lines of “Why people drink when they know the hazards?” or “Why people race when they know it can be dangerous for their lives?”; because it is worth the risk! The advantages of rooting your device are simply mind-blowing! A few of these are listed below:

  1. Remove Bloat-ware: Once you ROOT your device you can remove all those useless apps that were pre-loaded in your phones by the manufacturer, which just slows down your system than actually doing what they are meant to do! These apps are integrated into your system and cannot be uninstalled by any normal process. However if your root you can uninstall them.
  2. Overclocking: OverClocking is one of the main reasons people root their phones. The CPU of your device is restricted to a maximum clocking frequency by the manufacturers for keeping a good balance between battery life and performance. However, who wouldn’t want a faster phone if he can? By overclocking your CPU you can run it at a higher clocking frequency than what is recommended by the manufacturer. However, its a trade off between battery life and performance to which you have to strike off a perfect balance according to your need.
  3. RAM Mangers/Scripts: Another way to make your phone faster is by using different available scripts which manage your RAM settings efficiently. Or using RAM Manager Apps to optimize your RAM and avoid unnecessary killing of apps.
  4. Flashing Custom ROMs: Out of all the listed reasons this is the most important reason to Root your device.

    What is a Custom ROM? A Custom ROM is nothing but a customized firmware. Since the firmware is stored in the ROM of your phone it is abbreviated as a custom ROM. Custom ROMs are made by independent developers of the community. There are 3 types of custom ROMs available: AOSP-based, CM-based and Stock ROM based. AOSP is abbreviation for “Android Open Source Project”. AOSP based ROMs are developed on the lines of the source code of Android released by Google.
    CM-Based ROMs are based on a very popular custom ROM developing team’s ROM called the “CyanogenMod”.

    The Stock ROM based ROMs are based on the stock firmware of that device. By flashing a new ROM you can get update to a newer version of Android which may not be available in your stock firmware. Also, there are in general performance increments in Custom ROMs as compared to Stock ROMs as they do not contain any bloatware.

  5. Flashing a Custom Recovery: Recovery Mode in a phone is from where you can backup the entire system of your phone and/or restore it. You can flash various apps/effects/mods into your phone using the Recovery Mode. The Recovery mode is used to recover your phone if it stops functioning normally or becomes unresponsive.
    ClockworkMod Recovery
    The most popular custom recovery being the ClockworkMod recovery.

These reasons are more-than-enough for anyone to ROOT their device. So, head out and tap into the full potential of your Android devices by rooting them!

Get the Google Play v3.8.15 APK file; Google Play gift-cards seen!

The latest Google Play is here! Yes, you heard it right; the latest update to the Google Play (earlier Android Market) has leaked and we have made it available for you. Google Play has introduced the long awaited Google gift-cards as well has wish list in the this latest update. Now, you can gift your family or friends with Google credits to spend on the Google Play store to buy apps.

That’s one innovative way to gift someone for Christmas! When you use the gift card it will get credited to your account and can use it to buy Apps, Songs, Movies, etc from the Google Play. Our friends at AndroidCentral have come up with the first images of these Google gift cards.

Google Play Gift cards

Obviously, you will eventually get the update for Google Play v3.8.15 on your phone in a few days or maybe weeks but who wants to wait that long when you can get the same in a matter of few minutes and that too in just 6 simple steps! Here is how you can get the latest version of Google Play Store on your android smartphone.


Google Play v3.8.15

  1. Go to Settings > Security > Click on Unknown Sources.
  2. If you have downloaded the apk file using a PC/MAC connect your device to the PC/MAC and transfer the file into the phone’s SDcard. (Tip: preferably place it in the root folder of SDcard so you can locate it easily)
  3. Open the file manager and navigate to the folder where you have placed the apk file.
  4. Click on the apk file and the file will be installed.
  5. You will be asked for a prompt select “yes” for all.
  6. Congratulations! Now you have the latest Google Play store.

[How To] Get Google Now Android App on ICS

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[How-To] Flash Recovery for Xperia devices with Locked Bootloaders with X-Parts App

This is a tutorial to flash CWM based recovery into your Xperia series device with a locked bootloader. Technically, you don’t actually flash in this process; its a much easier method unique only to Xperia devices.

For this you need to have a Rooted device!

You need this app : X-parts. This App is available free in the Google play store! Continue reading

What is Cydia? The Best Cydia Apps

Any iDevice is an excellent piece of technology! I mean Apple really knows what the iOS users want, but still there are some modifications you desire after paying a hefty sum for your iDevice. Customization is the only thing that Apple does not(very limited) provide.

What is Cydia?
Cydia is not available in Apple’s App Store; It is installed when you jailbreak your iDevice. Cydia can help you customize your iDevice. Cydia is kind of an Appstore where you can get tweaks that will change the very look of your device. Jay Freeman a.k.a ‘Saurik’ developed Cydia. The word ‘Cydia’ means worm which infests iOS with its tweaks! Continue reading

The AutoRap App helps you Rap with the help of your Apple or Android device

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Best File Manager Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 : Rumoured specifications are here!

Yes, you heard it right! The sensational Galaxy Note is soon to have a successor, The Note 2. The details surrounding the launch and a official press release are yet hazy but it is confirmed that the Korean mobile giant will bank on the success of its revolutionary device, the Galaxy Note. It created an entirely new segment between a smartphone and a Tablet! It is rumoured that the company plans to make an official announcement by August and launch it before Apple’s iPhone 5 is announced. Continue reading