Traditionally, iOS assists in the setting a passcode to protect your files, photos and documents that are resident on your device. However, it is a tedious process to continuously unlock the device and type those digits or the specific alphanumeric password everytime. In various situations, other individuals can invade several apps and take advantage of this opportunity and play around with the apps. To overcome such circumstances, a developer has facilitated a Cydia tweak which provides the necessitated security to protect that particular device’s photos with a password.Protect-Photos-

This tweak is called Protect Photos and the trait of the app involves providing security for the devices, be it for the photos or the images. Additionally, the tweak is responsible for protecting photos that are accessible from other apps also by utilizing this free tweak.Protect-Photos-Applications to be locked down

Therefore, the peculiarity of the app is that the user can protect any other app by employing Protect Photos and this tweak offers the necessary beneficial functionalities for the users. With easy-to-navigate user interface and provides advantageous utilities, Protect Photos dishes out the necessary benefits of keeping the respective apps locked down without even worrying about security and the laborious process behind it.


Protect Photos can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository, which can be obtained from the default repositories in Cydia. It is free of charge and it is a fantastic alternative over the traditional security provider apps.

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