Xperia 2011 JB camera petition

Sony’s Xperia 2011 series has one of the strongest Developer community among all other Sony Xperia Lineups. Though Sony has curbed the support for Xperia 2011 lineup the developers have been successful in bringing about fully functioning Jellybean 4.1.2 and 4.2.2 for Xperia 2011 phones. This all done without any help from Sony. Thought these developers have been successful in getting these custom ROMs to achieve stability they still have to use legacy camera in the Xperia 2011 phones and cannot exploit the features of Jellybean 4.2 camera app due to lack of “Official JB Camera Drivers”.

Being Successful in fixing all other bugs the camera remains the only shortcoming of these ROMs. In this light the Developer community has decided to file a petition to Sony to release the Official Jellybean Camera Drivers for Xperia 2011 lineup so that the camera can be fixed in these phones. It will be a huge boost to the Independent development going on in the Xperia 2011 phones and also benefit the users.

Anyone can sign this petition at this link. The petition has received 2920 signatures as of 18th June 2013. You can too sign this petition to convince Sony and make this listen to the requirements of the consumer. Only time will tell whether Sony acts in the developers favour or turns a blind eye towards them.

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