The major reason for rooting an Android phone is making it faster. Who doesn’t want good processing speed? In an article written by me I had explained various ways to make your phone run faster. However by popular demand I decided to write a more elaborate article on How V6 Supercharger makes your phone faster and how to run it on your device.

V6 supercharger is a script made by our friend zeppelinrox in XDA developers forum. It is a linux based script that optimizes the ram management of your phone as well as applies kernel tweaks that makes your phone more efficient. This script also prevents the killing of the launcher app when you play a game or an app that utilizes a lot of RAM. It does so by increasing the priority of the launcher. However this is fairly simple is android version below 4.0. Since 4.0+ the functioning of android was re-engineered it becomes difficult to make the launcher hard to kill. For ICS users more steps are needed to be taken. Also it is only possible to make the launcher hard to kill in deODEX ROMs.(in short, for those who aren’s sure what it is, it is possible only in custom ROMs as most stock ROMs are ODEX)

To apply this script to your phone you need to have these prerequisites :

Note: Step 9 onwards is only for users having ICS or higher on their devices.


  1. Install the above apps and script onto your phone.
  2. Run the BusyBox installer and install the latest version of busybox onto your phone.
  3. Then run script manager and when prompted check on run as root.
  4. Navigate to the folder where you have placed the V6 supercharger file.
  5. click on the file select the su option and make sure “is script” is ticked and press run.V6 Supercharger
  6. Once you run you’ll be asked for a few options to select you can do so by clicking anywhere on the black screen to launch the soft keyboard. when asked for the scrolling speed select fast and when asked for V6 supercharger animations select no by entering the appropriate option.
  7. If you are running Android 4.0+ then you’ll have to go an extra mile to completely super charge your phone. For all others the process is fairly simple.
  8. When you see the driver console enter the aggressive option for the appropriate ram size of your device. For example if your ram size is 512 MB select option number 7.V6 Supercharger
  9. ICS users will be taken to ICS service centre option in the script when asked to select from “automagically” or “manual”. Select manual.
  10. You’ll be asked to visit a site and upload the “services.jar: file present in system/framework/ onto the site using a root explorer. Which will edit the “services.jar” file and give you a download link to it.
  11. Download the file onto your device and return to the V6 Supercharger script.
  12. The V6 Supercharger script will backup the older “services.jar” and replace it with the new one and then restart your phone.

That’s it! Now your phone is supercharged! You’ll notice the difference as your phone will be much smoother and the launcher wont be killed every time after playing a game.

If any doubts feel free to leave a comment below.


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