There have been several tidings hinting at the arrival of a low-cost Apple iPhone and Apple has stayed away from such lowdowns without even providing any official suggestions or confirming this type of information. According to new rumors that have surfaced up, a French site has represented a handful of images that highlight a legitimate shout for the rear shell of an unspecified iPhone. The accuracy is presumed certain due to the appearance of as-speculated plastic finish.Apple-logo-

Previously we have seen Apple produce out innovations religiously sticking black / white color configurations only. It is understood that Apple maybe devising out a change with respect to color options this time around. And the manifestation of a low-cost iPhone can incorporate a different trend from the usual trend of the basic color configurations.iPhone-Couleurs-Plastique-01


Presently there is no information on whether these pictorial depictions are accurate or legitimate, but with reports from it is expected that Apple plans to go with colorful plastic designs for cheap component costs and to provide easy differentiation from the traditional flagship models. Hence these leaked images could lead a road to much more important information down the line.


What do you have to say looking at these leaked images? Will you consider on buying a Low-Cost iPhone if the price is affordable?

Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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