A popular PC app in the days gone by, this app usage has seen meteoric rise after its deployment on Android and iOS.

Photofunia Screenshot

PhotoFunia is a Free Photo Editing App for your iPhone and Android device. The application encompasses more than 280 effects for editing your photos. The division into various categories is represented with the discretion that these pictures can then be shared through networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or transmitted via Bluetooth or simply stored in the phone’s memory.

When we go for Photo editing, there are fascinatingly different stock pictures available ranging from categories like galleries, movies, magazines, posters, advertisements, billboards etc. This App helps you to spice up your photos placing them on various drawings, magazines, celebrities, billboards and make them look fashionable!

PhotoFunia Photo Editing App

Some reasons why this app is better than similar others:

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Great effects provide realistic ramifications
  • Creative, Unique and addicting
  • Face detection technology i.e  it will automatically detect your face, and replace it in the picture!

Photofunia App

As simple as a coin that has 2 sides, there will be some faults with respect to the app along with its different advantages. Some drawbacks include that it lags often, sometimes even not starting up at all. It is great to have a huge library, but then the effectiveness of browsing through the pictures turns a mess. The obstacle of all software apps is the proficiency of the face recognition mechanisms. The other uncertainty is while adjusting size of the crop while cropping photos; it is a lot tedious job as the size isn’t exactly adjustable which may result in pictures which don’t stay the way we wanted it to be. Biggest disadvantage according to me is the app can’t run on standalone device and wants a internet connection to function on!

So, what are you waiting for?  If you are a amateur Photoshop user, this App can conjecture of a crude Photoshop editor.

Want to turn simple ordinary pics into works of art or into fun/funny photos or with refined realistic effects? Go for it, use PhotoFunia!

Download from Android Play Store

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