We live in a world of action and arcade games. Although the action and the arcade games are very enjoyable, they become repetitive after a certain period of time. In such times, the puzzle games come to the rescue. Games such as Words With Friends and Scramble With Friends have become very famous. Another game which is somewhat similar to the aforementioned games is LetterWars.


LetterWars is also a word game. It differs slightly from Words With Friends and Scramble With Friends. Both the players are provided with different sets of alphabets in Words With Friends and Scramble With Friends. But in LetterWars, the player as well as the opponent are provided with the same set of alphabets. This is the basic idea behind LetterWars.


LetterWars is essentially a hand-to-hand round of Word Search. Two players look at a bunch of letters and take turns finding words out of them. Based on the length of the word, the score increases. Find words on a 5×5 random generated field of letters. Beat your opponent by finding longer words, locking the letters by using it multiple times and finishing the game when it’s most advantageous for you. The game is finished when all of the letters have been used at least once. The features of this game include:

  • 2 player online multiplayer.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Play against random opponents.
  • Challenge your friends.
  • Light and dark theme.
  • Friend List.
  • Push notifications.


LetterWars is a simple word game yet very competitive, available on the Google Play Store for free. It does not provide any action or adventure, but when an individual is looking to kill some time, this game acts as a perfect catalyst. LetterWars helps not only in passing time, but it also helps in improving an individual’s vocabulary. If a person wants to test his/her word skills against others, then LetterWars is the perfect game. This game has only recently been released on the Google Play Store, so the user might experience some problems. It is still in the beta version.

Download LetterWars from here.

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