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Floating window apps are the latest innovation in Android. IT was introduced by Samsung via Note 2, and it hasn’t failed to turn a few heads. This feature gives you true multitasking on your android device. Everyone must have faced this problem, when you are watching a movie, TV show or Youtube video on your device and someone messages you. You cant avoid replying but neither do you wish to stop watching the video. The answer to your problem is a video player that supports the Floating window technology. Popcorn player is the solution to your problem. Popcorn player allows you to multi task as you continue with your other work on your device.

Popcorn player features a resizable floating window which persists over all your apps as you watch the video along with sending an email, chatting with your friends, managing your calendar; in short achieving true multi tasking! The player can also be used to stream videos online(including youtube). The app is free of cost and also ad-free. However, the app is only for devices running Android version 4.0+; ICS and Jellybean.

Popcorn player

The features of the app are listed as follows:

  1. Pop up Video Player
  2. Multi Window Video Player
  3. Supports MP4 and WebM
  4. Live resize with multi touch gestures (Pinch and Spread)
  5. Full Screen (Double Tap to enable)
  6. Bookmark Video when paused or closed
  7. Minimize Window
  8. Simple Dialog Menu
  9. Minimalistic Light Holo Design
  10. YouTube Support
  11. HTTP Video Playback
  12. Multiple instances of the app.(multple videos at a time)

Download app:

This app was taken down from Google Play store as it did playback of Youtube videos. However, you can get the app on TheMobiMag. You may download popcorn player from here, and install it on your device. Or scan this QR code and directly download it on your device :


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