Viewing videos on YouTube is a common activity. This operation happens quite frequently & is prevalent amongst the individuals who buffer these videos on Smartphones regardless of the Internet connection present now. As Smartphones act as the most characteristic gadget present along with many users currently, plenty times it so happens that the video is played on the device rather than buffering it on the desktop computer.

There is specific data plan for the mobile Internet connection. Hence, there is dedicated speed limit for it. We have already seen how we can go about finding the internet speeds through this article. But, at this point of time we are concerned as to how can we buffer videos staying in constraints of our data plan limits & also end up saving time, money & battery life of the

Thus one must give thought to the question that- “Can these videos be preloaded & saved on the Android devices?”

With the development in the number of apps and the various features they bring on, there are updates happening from time to time for the constant improvement of the application. In such a case with the updates on the YouTube application, there has been an instrumental change for the ICS Android devices. The notability in their aspect includes the functionality provided to pre-load the videos from YouTube  This is done by using a Wi-Fi hotspot connection. The notable benefit for this feature highlights the fact that an individual can watch these video anywhere, everywhere and anytime without even worrying on the battery life of the phone or the data plan limit or the time consumption.

How to load videos on YouTube precedently

  • Initially the only pre-requisite that is required for using this facility is that one needs to run YouTube’s latest version. Subsequently this is launched after installed. The user needs to sign in using the app into his/her YouTube account.
  • Once done, the individual needs to open settings from the menu. The Preloading option is seen in the YouTube settings for a user whose device runs on ICS or a later version of Android on the handset.

Screenshot-Settings shown

  •  The user needs to select the Preloading option after going to the Settings page.Preloading option seen
  •  At this point of time, the user needs to select the videos that he/she likes to preload and keep on the SD card. Afterwards, settings are saved. This operation is done in the background.
  • There are 2 sets of options that are provided while a user is on the Pre-loading page. These options are namely “Preload subscriptions” and “Preload watch later”. The user appropriately selects the required checkbox to carry out the process further.2 options displayed

Thus, the process is completed in a simplified fashion. This is a advantageous aspect with the fact that this approach helps the individual in a large way. It saves time, money and also enables better viewing n a faster way. Additionally  the battery life is saved in a simplistic fashion & thus it results in best route rather than buffering videos.

Note: The procedure explained is based on YouTube version 4.0.23

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  1. benjabby
    Posted April 17, 2013 at 10:55 pm | Permalink

    How can I get it to preload a specific video I tell it to preload so I can watch it later?

    • Paul Johnson
      Posted November 14, 2013 at 6:32 am | Permalink

      You can’t. And last I checked, you have to be connected to the internet to:
      1. Sign in to your account (to access your “watch later” list); and
      2. Start playing any video, regardless of whether it is cached.

      This makes this feature useless, IMO.

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