Previously during April this year, we had seen several leaks and rumors surface up which highlighted pictorial depictions of white front panel from Apple’s fifth-generation iPad and over the course of time it was revealed that the iPad 5 will mark its arrival as a larger iPad mini than its current appearance. There were also instances wherein several photos displayed the iPad having narrower side bezels.

Also, a video had come into sight which displayed the next-generation iPad’s front panel along-with digitizer which tags along with a rear shell.ipad-5-digitizer-front

Based on reports which have released lately, we are brought into sight of various parts which have been released by repair firm Macfixit Australia. The itemized display includes several parts of the front panel and digitizer for the iPad 5.

The photo represents the similar narrower side bezels that were found in the leaks previously. Also pair of flex cables is viewable which run along the long edges of the panel. The connectors that are seen appear differently from the ones which are available on current and previous full-size iPads and according to rumors, it is regarded that Apple has devised out a plethora of technological changes for achieving small form metric with respect to the upcoming iPad. Such development could lead to a change in the connector design.ipad_5_digitizer_rear

It is believed that Apple will launch the fifth-generation iPad at an event next month after which the iPad mini will follow suit just after.

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