As more and more innovations present their arrival with the upcoming events, the amount of associated features that are dished out just keep escalating with every passing disclosure. With the advent of technology, there are quantum leaps in the newer and better devices developed as well as the features each device provides and thus acting much better than the rest.

During the time that Smartphones continue a upheaval trend for the mobile phone users, the number of applications that are developed just keep ascending more and more. The variety with respect to categories, the excitement in regard to some apps, the utility provided by apps are some of the notable aspects that populate the applications list for the respective individuals.Qoura logo

In this fashion to improve the ease of use in life, an application that provides the information on specific or general topics will be of substantial use. In the time that people abundantly use various search engines to complete their intended task, just like that an application that provides the answer to the random questions is a fantastic way to exhibit the search engine functionality. The aforementioned idiosyncrasies are fulfilled by an application called as Quora. The main hallmarks of the application includes finding an answer when a specific question is asked.


An alternative to the search engines manifested in the form of an application is a unique aspect to serve the necessary task as intended by the individual. It is the official iPhone app of Quora Inc., which aids in helping the user with the answers to the questions during any instance of time.

Initially, the user needs to register to put to use the desired operation. The particular individual can login through the Twitter or Facebook accounts for using the features. Once the individual does sign-up, various benefits are added alongside the usual traditional ones. Additionally, several expert answers to various questions are dished out for the particular user.quora_iphone_app

Afterwards, information is gathered on the basis of the interests of the user. This ranges from various topics to several other ones concerning a specific domain. The notable ones include Business, Blogs, Amazon, Twitter, Start-up’s, Movies. In such a way the user can also browse through questions or add some as well. Otherwise, the individual can vote for the best answers and also answer the various questions within the user’s expertise.

The following are some of the excellent features that are provided by the useful application. It serves the utility in a variety of ways. These are the following:

  • Location Based Searches
  • Slick User Interface
  • Time-killing Shuffle Option
  • Accelerated Response Times

Quora is available for free for the iOS devices and can be downloaded from here.

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