Instead of buying novels, reading E-book over the desktop and laptop has become a very popular alternative option. An individual can easily download the E-book from the Internet and enjoy the experience. A person using an Android Smartphone can also read E-books on the Android.


Aldiko Book Reader is the best app for reading E-books on Android. An individual has to do download the E-book, copy it to the SD card and then import the E-book into the Aldiko Book Reader. To have a better experience reading the E-books, it is recommended to convert the PDF format of the E-book into the EPUB format. The benefit of doing this are- the font will be re-sized automatically so the user will not have to “zoom in and zoom out” again and again. If the PDF format is used the user will have to “zoom in and zoom out” to have a proper font size. To scroll through the pages, the user has to just swipe horizontally. Converting to EPUB format is optional. The Calibre-E-book management software will be used for obtaining the EPUB format.

Given below is the tutorial on how to read an e-book on Android:-



  1. Download and install the Calibre-E-book management software on your desktop.
  2. Download the required E-book.
  3. Open Calibre-E-book management. Following screen will appear.
  4. On top left corner click “Add books” option. Select the E-book downloaded in step 2.
  5. Now right click on the E-book. Select “Convert book” option and then select “Convert individually”.
  6. A new screen will appear. On top right corner select the output format to “EPUB” and then press “Ok”.
  7. After a few seconds, the PDF format will be converted to EPUB format.
  8. Copy this to to your SD card.
  9. Download Aldiko Book Reader app on your Android.
  10. Open the app. Choose the “Files” option.
  11. Now select the E-book.
  12. Enjoy!

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