Using Android has become a commonplace for individuals currently with the vast variety of phones available as well as providing value for money phones in some categories, or providing phones that reckon a dominant force in the business enterprises. The benefits of using open source software are many, but along-with these customary features, these devices can be susceptible to malware because of illegitimate downloading from other sources or other run-of-the-mill issues

The benefits have no comparison with the disadvantages, but nevertheless the fallacies can harm the system entirely or by parts. The malware introduction can constitute inclusion of dozen new applications installed on main home screen, or comprehend apps that are spyware, or through malicious apps from unauthorized sources, & may also comprise from some infected apps from the play store. Yes, Google Play Store is very reliable app store, but even there certain bad apps may exist. Sometimes, the permissions that the application inhibits after download may be out of range & unreasonable or confusing, baffling at other times. Thus at each junctures, it is advisable to read reviews of applications, if the star ratings on those are found to be unsatisfactory.

However, rather than waiting for discrepancy to occur we can install certain antivirus applications that protect our device & install antivirus programs that can provide security on our phone with respect to applications and other airpush ads. As it is rightly said, prevention is better than cure. There are instances when ads pop up integrating over the notification bar inspite of the application not running. This is a phenomenon of adware, which is often noted as form of in-app advertising. This specifically isn’t malware, but its manifestation interconnects the similarity among st the two.

The particularization of occurring popups on the device is an indication that malware can persist onto the handset. This can noted from noticing various apps & specially removing/ uninstalling the application that was last installed & restarting the phone after these steps in sequential fashion. If no problems occur ahead, the application uninstallation was a successful indication for removing the malware.

It’s always better to prevent the virus from entering the mobile than terminating it after the virus starts its destruction.  So, efficiency on enhancing security on the device can be improved by downloading apps from the Google Play Store. There are a plethora of applications that are available in the market that provide the best antivirus to protect the phone. The following are some of the antivirus tools that can be downloaded from the market.

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  • Battery Usage monitoring:

If unconditional changes continue to signify their presence on altering network usage than normal or battery drainage, then there are probabilities that the device would be malware infected.

  • Speculate changes in device settings:

If we are able to predicate certain changes away from the usual concerned with device settings, then it can be an indication of malware infected applications that are disrupting the flow & alter the device. An example to depict this framing is, if in a situation an individual turns off GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G; & without the knowledge or the consent of the user the functionality is activated on again, this is a plausible sign for the malware infection.

  • Ascertain & deduce device instability:

Having sneaking suspicion with unstable functionalities drifting on the device can signal that malware has infected the handset & that is the evident reason that operations are slowing down, frequent reboots are required or virus infections with problems related to hardware components.

  • Postulate dodgy applications:

When there are plenty applications installed on the device, by taking turns involve spending time studying the application name & developers related information. Sometimes, there can be a possibility where certain mismatches corresponding to identity can take place i.e when we face mismatching in developer’s name or are presented with negative influences from the application; this signifying correspondence notifies to the threats that these applications can bring along. 99% these will have symptoms related with the points as mentioned in the points as previously. Hence it is recommended to remove this particular application. Likewise, other apps facing similar problems like these also need to be removed in the same fashion.

  •  Run over “SCANS”, go over & over again

Last but certainly not the least includes the repeated scanning & scrutinizing of all the applications present on the device with the help of a antivirus program. This test can keep the phone secure & by estimating checks on installed apps, data, settings, media files it keeps the device free from malware. Furthermore efficient exhibitions can be provided with device up-to-date information with respect to latest OS releases, patches, and application updates.
As the principle follows, prevention is better than cure, scanning of the apps can take a pre requistal before any installation on the device occurs. Usage of AppBrain Ad Detector can influence the possibility of solving the purpose in this regard. Its combination with AppBrain App Market can act as a considerable simplifying change as in comparison with the over loaded playstore. Hence, proves as a tool that identifies the problem causing applications.


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