There have been consistent reports from various corners on the flak Apple’s new maps have received, with the pinpointing fault-finding construed towards focus on the points of interest data. The brickbats have been plausible & continued to surface up, the only glimmer of light in this doomed situation is at least now Apple can trigger a competition. When there is cutthroat competition with respect to maps on mobile devices, companies will be striving to improve & make better maps for consumer when Google and Apple maps are vying for opposing rivalry in the market.

Critical remarks have been attached with reference to the Apple maps. Likewise as Google maps had a submit error & correct POI data option, there is also a presentable evidence with Apple exemplifying the same to improve their current product. Bringing out the discussion from a snippet, Apple stated a week before that the more the users work with their maps, the better that would be furnished.

Patience is a key virtue in this regard because even Google maps weren’t clinical at the very beginning. Its developers have worked consistently on refining them, hence the polished, complete product offering. The basic entitled feature has been “report a problem” which allows company crowdsourcing & verifying data. This methodology is being incorporated into Apple’s maps.

Citing an example in the subsequent steps, the actual location of The Home Depot in Durango, Colorado is at 1301 South Camino del Rio but courtesy Apple maps, this location is illustrated at 1301 Camino del Rio which is represented in the middle downtown Durango. There is no concrete insight on how the data can be integrated into Maps.

Conversely, if we compare this with Google maps, the address show in Google maps turns out to be accurate. So, in a way we are forced to be Beta testers?

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