Based on reports released by a prominent Japanese business newspaper Nikkei, it has been revealed that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be officially launched on September 20 in Japan and Greece. The event is expected to begin on Friday, after which several handsets are expected to be revealed.

Usually this is a traditional way of unveiling handsets, which has been further proved by Apple’s history. It is noted that the devices will be announced on the September 10 and according to reports, it is regarded that SoftBank and KDDI will be handling the sales of the iPhone 5S and 5C.
Budget iPhone 5S and 5C

Additionally Nikkei has confirmed reports claiming that Apple’s 5S will arrive with an upgraded processor and camera, and will encompass a fingerprint sensor integrated into the Home button. Also, Nikkei has reaffirmed the fact that a “champagne gold” colorway will mark its presence when the device is official unveiled.

There has been information which is revealed about iPhone 5C, however users have been presented with tidings regarding the same. It is understood that the device will arrive in plastic and will be available in variety of colors. It is expected that it will possess similar specs to the iPhone 5 and is expected to be launched around $300 less than the iPhone5.Budget iPhone 5C

With reports indicating this development, we can surely look forward to these handsets in the Apple event on September 10. And in case they are going to launch in Japan & Greece the following Friday, then these revelations will surely be available in the US prior to it!

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