With reports emerging from DigiTimes, it is understood that Apple is set to release the fifth-generation 9.7-inch iPad in September. According to reports, it is regarded that the device is rumored to be based on the design principles of the iPad mini. Thus it is understood that it is slated to arrive with narrower side bezels and a thinner body.iPad-in-hands-two-up-iPad-iPad-mini

while the iPad mini 2 specs have not been disclosed out yet, but is speculated that this device will arrive with a longer battery life than the usual performance associated with iPads. Reports also highlight the growing lowdowns that plans about the next-generation iPad mini remain unsettled, and it is construed that Apple is devising up a mechanism for incorporating a Retina display into the device.

Incase Apple manages to implement the Retina display to the upcoming iPad mini, according to tidings it is reported that the device would be launched late this year. Additional information points out that Apple is working out methods for reducing the width of the iPad mini’s side bezels.

Other tidings from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo specify certain issues which are related to Retina display were bound to arise before the launch for the next iPad mini. Previously in April, we had seen lowdowns which possibly hinted that the device could be updated; and it is understood that the  full-size iPad will begin shipping from August or September.

It is speculated that Apple will officially launch a thinner non-Retina iPad mini late this year and based upon rumors, the retina update will mark its arrival early in 2014.

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