As Smartphones constitute to be integral components of one’s life, the ever-increasing functionalities produced by these devices accrue with the resultant facilitation of apps and other utilities. These beneficial aspects serve hugely advantageous along the course of time. Thus, during the time that various applications are resident on the device; a set of notifications are always presented out to the user when these applications are in the active or running state.

It is a common notion for the notifications to reside on the device. They are somewhat like the trademark association when we relate to iOS. Slowly and steadily as developments aggrandize ahead in time, the aspect of customization, tweaks, and tricks that can be performed on the handset can end up improving with every passing innovative procedure. These enriching functionalities are responsible for improving the experience in a much better way. Usually default notifications serve as good resources; however jailbreak developers dish out a new functionality which surpasses the stereotyped experiences. This exhibition is presented from the fact that a Cydia tweak named as the RingexX VIP produces the necessary change with respect to the respective task.

The tweak RingexX VIP is a paid app, but the facilitation of a free version of the tweak in the form of RingerX Lite proves more beneficial to provide a sneak peak of the resultant functionality. Thus, the potential buyers can avail the benefit of such functionality & put to use the necessitated operation.RingerX Hack

At the beginning you need to download and install the particular tweak. Subsequently, a menu appears in the Settings app from where the configuration can be done manually. After this, there are two options seen under ‘Notifications of Applications’. Under this, select Default and Configure. Once the option is selected, the first option displays the default notifications. The other option aids the user in taking the benefit for other different customizations.

Also present is the facility of a ‘No-In Call Sounds’ option. This can be turned on or off. Once it is turned off the notifications sounds are disabled behind when the user attends a call. The particular tweak also is useful for e-mails, text messages and incoming/outgoing calls by providing the user to set custom notifications. Additionally, the user can silence specific notifications from certain contacts. Therefore, it is a fantastic opportunity for blocking the unknown numbers.

RingerX Lite is available for free and can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

RingerX Pro is a paid app and costs $2.99.

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