Rooting your phone is just a small step into the greater world of modifications that you can perform on your device. The possibilities are endless right from making your phone run faster to increasing battery life, once rooted, you can MOD your phone as you want. Surely you must be thinking that making modifications to the phone must require a lot of research, some experience and a minimum level of expertise. You may be wrong to think that you have to be a pro in order to make major mods in your device. Here is an app developed by JRummy Apps Inc. called as “ROM Toolbox Pro”.

ROM Toolbox by JRummy Apps Inc.

ROM Toolbox can be called as the ultimate tool to take complete control of your device. It is available on the Google Play Store as pro version for 4.99$, as well as a lite version which has a few features striped off.

It contains all the features that the following apps individually provide, make it the root tools app on Google Play, Period:

  1. ROM manager
  2. Terminal Emulator
  3. Script Manger
  4. Font Installer
  5. App Manager
  6. Root browser
  7. Ad Away
  8. No Frills CPU control
  9. Titanium Backup

…and many more..

The app’s features are categorized into 3 categories, namely:

  1. Tools
  2. Performance
  3. Interface

I will make a walk-through of each of these categories:

Tools : This contains the tools that are required by the user for backup/restore, blocking ads, app control, etc. It contains the following tools:

  • Manage ROM: This let’s you flash a recovery, backup and restore your ROM (nandroid backup) as well as search for custom ROMs for your device. Other features include queuing zip files to be flashed automatically one behind the other, rebooting into recovery, wiping data/cache/dalvik cache partitions and flashing custom ROM from recovery.
  • App manager: This lets you to do batch backup/restore of apps as well as installing and uninstalling of apps, freeze/defrosting apps, etc. Gives you complete app control at your fingertips.
  • Root Browser: This is a basic file manager with root access that allows you to edit your system partition.
  • Scripter: Used to run Linux Scripts.
  • Terminal Emulator: Used to run Linux commands on your android device.
  • Ad Blocker: Blocks in-app advertisements.
  • Auto start manager: This allows you to enable/disable apps that start at boot time. Disable unnecessary apps that start at boot time to reduce time required at boot.
  • Apps2SD: allows you to configure where apps will be install by default.
  • Rebooter: Gives you options like: Reboot, Reboot to recovery, Quick Reboot, Powerdown, Restart Statusbar.Tools - ROM Toolbox

Performance: (use the features marked as “advanced” on your own risk as a few of them may cause problems with your device) This provides you control over the actual working of core android activities which can enormously boost the performance of your phone or rather do nothing.

  • CPU control: Lets you to set max/min CPU frequency(underclock or overclock your phone. Also supports different CPU profiles that change as per battery charge, etc.
  • Kernel Tweaks(advanced): Lets you select the I/O Scheduler and other advanced kernel options.
  •  build.prop Editor(advanced): build.prop enables you to perform tweaks like change pixel density, set virtual memory size, etc.
  • Auto Memory Manager: This helps you tweak the inbuilt out-of-memory manager of android. You may customize the values as per your need or select one of the tried and tested preset values.
  • SD boost: This is to set the cache size on your SD card to improve read/write speeds.Performance - ROM Toolbox

Interface: These options let you change/modify the user interface of your device.

  • Font Installer: Allows you to change system font type.
  • Boot Animations: Allows you to customize the boot animation.
  • Theme manager: Allows you to apply themes you or other s have made to your system apps.
  • Icon Changer: Allows you to change app Icons as per your liking.
  • Boot Logo changer(works on only a small number of devices): Allows you to change the manufacturers logo that is first displayed at the start.
  • Theme Chooser Themes: View hundreds of theme chooser themes organized into different categories. You must be running a ROM with the Theme Chooser pre-installed like CyanogenMod for this feature to work.Interface - ROM toolbox

Final Verdict: If you really like to customize/MOD your device this app is totally worth the cost. An amazing all-in-one app which is extremely stable and powerful.

ROM toolbox was featured in XDA TV’s episode which you can watch here below:

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